Temperature calibration laboratory

Temperature measuring demands accuracy and reliability.

Our laboratory has been COFRAC accredited since June 2006.


Laboratoire Correge : étalonnage d’éléments de mesure et de capteurs de température
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A temperature calibration laboratory has been in operation in Chaignes since 1992. It is an independent structure that carries out calibrations with complete neutrality, integrity and confidentiality. Access to the laboratory is strictly controlled. Its management is ruled by NF EN ISO CEI 17025 and ISO 9001 standards.

The method used in the laboratory for calibrating temperature sensors is a comparison with a working standard.

The laboratory operates with outstanding calibration equipment : ovens, baths, fixed-point cells…

In order to maintain the expected accuracy, all calibration apparatus are submitted to a calibration program that regularly verifies their compliance with the standards in force..

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The traceability of the accuracy of our working standards is related to  reference standards which themselves are calibrated by external laboratories that work with national standards. All external laboratories are COFRAC accredited.

Calibration instructions have been determined for each type of product (thermocouple or RTD) and for each type of apparatus (bath, oven or fixed point…)


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The methods adopted by our laboratory technicians depend on :

  • the customer requests
  • the design of the product
  • the temperature resistance of the product
  • the standards in force



The calibration methods are validated by:

  • Reference standards related to  COFRAC measuring instruments
  • Internal calibration (different instruments and technicians)
  • External calibration (inter-laboratory comparison)
  • Comparison of the results
  • Controlled uncertainty calculations